dry type transformers:

Dry transformers prevent fire hazards and pollution present in transformer oil, so that their use is necessary in interiors of offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, plants for industrial processes petrochemicals, textiles or controlled machines electronic and always where transformers are installed close to where they work or live people

  Transformers Pole Type:

Poste type transformers are applicable to air distribution systems in residential subdivisions, popular in city centers, small industries, shopping centers and various loads colonies.

Type Transformers Season:

Type electrical transformers station systems are applicable to industries, shopping centers, and various fillers. This transformer most used for industrial electrification, are designed for outdoor installation and service with a variety of connections in high and low voltage, taking into account the flexibility of the specifications.

Considering all accessories and different arrangements, you can adjust the ratio of their equipment to suit your needs.  Designed to meet the specifications of international standards